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This blog is about learning the strategies to help you run a successful dropshipping business. Here, you will find practical tips on how to improve your store and how to optimize it to boost your sales.

Here in our blog, you will find practical tips on how to improve your dropshipping store and how to optimize it to boost your sales.

We review softwares and do analysis on publicly available e-commerce data, as well as independently verify news and industry trends that we gather from our network. From these, we publish software reviews, guides, and insights to give you a competitive edge in your dropshipping journey.

Who Are You?

I am Jeff Wong, a data engineer by profession. For 10 years, I have used my skills to help B2B and e-commerce companies with their market research.

Collecting data for analysis and uncovering business insights is my passion. I have also created an in-house research tool that produces product recommendations, which I will share exclusively with my blog subscribers in time.

I run a hobby store within the home accessories niche as well, where I put into test the different strategies that I find online. It allowed me to learn more about the technical aspects of Shopify and its toolchain.

With this experience, I was able to fully understand not only the difficulties and challenges that come with the dropshipping industry but also how one can overcome them and reap the rewards for doing so.

Why Start A Blog About Dropshipping?

One day, I realized that there’s a lack of useful blogs about dropshipping. Whenever I did some research, all I could find were general articles from:

  1. Software blogs where information is sometimes only focused on their products.
  2. FB groups, usually run by “gurus.” You may get a variety of information and answers to your burning questions, but you won’t get in-depth details unless you pay for some expensive courses.
  3. Blogs that promote affiliated products and services instead.

So, I started to blog about dropshipping with the hope of making people more aware of it and its advantages to one’s e-commerce business.

All content written in our blog is curated online from conversations with successful dropshippers and partly from my research.

What I Saw As Challenges In This Industry

Another thing I realized when it comes to businesses with dropshipping service is that it’s not all roses. There are certain things and situations or even people that will hinder your growth unless you treat dropshipping as a serious endeavor.

Here are some:

  1. People treat dropshipping as a means to get rich quick rather than a viable business model.
  2. Self-proclaimed dropshipping experts promise you a return too good to be true.
  3. Unknowingly selling pirated products might get you into legal trouble.
  4. Payment providers and Facebook will restrict you if you become too successful.
  5. Scaling up is a big headache due to the lack of control over critical business functions such as logistics.

The good news? You can mitigate all these if you learn the nuts and bolts of dropshipping in order to build the right foundation, to run a turnkey business that will bring you stable income.

Understand the business model and the money will come on its own.

Jeff Wong

Enjoy reading our blog!