Can you dropship from Wish?

Can you dropship from Wish?

Not sure whether or not you can dropship from Wish to Shopify or eBay?

Then, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will lay down what you need to know about Wish and help you figure out if it’s the right company for you to dropship with.

What Is Wish?

Wish is a mobile/web app that makes shopping more fun for users by showing them products they are likely to buy based on what they have added on their wish list.

It was started by former Google Engineer Peter Szulczewski back in 2010 as a software company, ContextLogic. It relaunched as an app in 2011, which has now become one of the world’s most downloaded shopping app – with about 90 million consumers and 125,000 merchants.

Now, you might ask:

How does Wish work?

Its founders created Wish with this in mind: “what the customers want rather than what Silicon Valley thought they want.”

Thus, the app came with these features: consumer interest and wish list tracking.

Upon logging into Wish, users either find something they would like to buy through the search bar or add a product on their wish list. Their feed will then be personalized based on these activities and, in turn, show products exactly or closely similar to what they have on their list.

Aside from these features mentioned above, Wish is also known for this seller advantage: being a platform where merchants can directly sell products to their consumers.

Wish allows them to market their items to match the demand and interest of users without worrying about any additional distributor fees. It also keeps the prices down on the said platform.

What Wish Means For Dropshippers

At this point, there are two possibilities where one can use Wish for dropshipping:

  1. Dropship from Wish: taking the most transacted products from Wish, and sell them on Shopify / Facebook.
  2. Dropship to Wish: taking popular products from elsewhere, and sell them on Wish.

Let us evaluate option one first, which is the topic of this article:

Challenges Faced By Wish

While Wish is overall a great place to buy products from and sell products with (it became the third biggest US e-commerce marketplace in 2019, after all), this recognition isn’t enough for the app to escape criticism when it comes to quality control.

Wish consumers usually complained about three things:

  • Unresponsive merchants.
  • Poor-quality products.
  • Unshipped orders.

There are also:

  • Some products listed that are deemed useless, poorly-reviewed, and filled with fake reviews. Roughly 8 million products such as these are automatically deleted every week.
  • Counterfeit products that are listed and orders with fake tracking numbers or empty parcels are shipped. Wish fine merchants found doing these things.
Recent reviews of Wish on app store
Recent reviews of Wish on app store

Founder Peter once said that this is because of the app’s open-door policy, inevitable due to having registered a million merchants. Since this means that anyone can buy or sell on Wish without any specific requirements other than signing up using an e-mail address, tracking products or merchants, and even consumers that aren’t up to standard can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Thus, Peter hired former Facebook Community Manager Connie Chang to organize a community of Wish users—who can help them catch those responsible for all the complaints they got from consumers, and yes, in exchange for free products and discounts.

If you want to dropship from Wish, the last thing you’ll want to hear is the platform having quality and fulfillment issues. Why? Because that would mean you will receive a lot of refund requests when you order and ship products from Wish to your customers.

The Business Model Of Wish

There are five things that you should know about when it comes to purchasing and shipping products on Wish:

  • They provide a free gift for purchases over $25.
  • “Free + Shipping” items. They sell free items sometimes; just pay for the shipping fee.

Where does Wish ship from?

  • They ship products from China, which costs as low as $2 per item.
  • They only provide one shipping option, which usually takes at least three weeks before the product/s arrive in the US.

Sounds familiar? Yes, you got that right.

Their products’ quality and shipping time are pretty much the same as those found on AliExpress.

The only difference? The pricing.

Wish Vs. AliExpress Dropshipping: The Pricing Game

Take a look at this table:

On Wish

On AliExpress

Difference (Percentage)

Monkey Balance = $15

Monkey Balance = $12

25% higher on Wish

Black & Gold Color Cutlery Set (4 pcs.) = $16

Black & Gold Color Cutlery Set (4 pcs.) = $9

78% higher on Wish

Elephant Plush (60cm) = $25

Elephant Plush (60cm) = $14

78% higher on Wish

Animal Play Mat = $26

Animal Play Mat = $15

73% higher on Wish

Usually, AliExpress dropshippers increase their pricing 200% higher than the product’s original price to make a profit. Therefore, Wish dropshippers are at a disadvantage—all because Wish is taking a cut from their profit!

Given that the product sources are mostly the same, there isn’t any good reason to choose Wish over AliExpress to dropship from.

Looking for Wish dropshipping plugin?

Wish officially discontinued Shopify integration since April 2018.

There’s no particular reason as to why Wish and Shopify came to this decision. However, there’s likely a conflict of business interests between these two.

Importify, a well-known dropshipping app, has also dropped the support for importing products from Wish, citing “ does not allow dropshipping.”


We can conclude from the above that it’s not worthwhile to dropship from Wish.

However, this doesn’t rule out option two—dropshipping to Wish. The personalized recommendation feature of this platform makes it extremely easy to sell trendy products if you can spot them.

You can opt to dropship unique products from local sources on Wish instead. Aside from having millions of users, they often run FB Ads. It means that you can make use of their visibility to get your products marketed.

Last but not least, Wish may prove to be an excellent source to research for trendy products, given its popularity and proximity with consumers.

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