CJ Dropshipping Shared Their Top 100 Best Sellers

CJ Dropshipping Shared Their Top 100 Best Sellers

(This is old news, to find the latest winning products, check out our process: how do I research products for dropshipping?)

As we all know, CJ Dropshipping is a big player in the dropshipping sourcing and fulfillment business. Their app is rated 4.9 as at today on Shopify app store.

Recently they shared a very valuable video: Top 100 Best Sellers on CJ Dropshipping. They compiled the list from their orders data between 15 April 2020 and 15 May 2020.

To make it easy to make sense of the ranking, they have categorized the products into niches. So you get to see what dropshipping niches are trending now.

They are using real sales data to research winners just like what we do in our premium access winning product list. Don’t miss the video:

Unfortunately, they were not able to show the listing links for all products in the 7mins video. However, it’s not difficult to do a reverse search on the keywords and find the product listings on AliExpress yourself.

Do ask yourself if there is a reason behind the demand for those products in your target market. Being analytical will help you to pick up emerging trends in future.

Kudos to CJ Dropshipping, making sense of customer demand has become easier with their data sharing.

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