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The page containing the link is password-protected. You will receive the page password after making the monthly premium membership payment.

If you encounter any problems from accessing the list, drop us an email from the mailing list, or from the contact us page.

What do you get from our list?

After several years of running our dropshipping business, we have built good working relationship with a number of fulfillment agents based in China. These agents are also behind many other successful dropshipping stores besides ours.

Through our connections, we are able to receive tips on the currently trending products. And since these agents are in charge of fulfillment for their clients, they have all the order information and statistics on their hands. Therefore, their tips are the most accurate among the product research methods we have used.

We gather the information in a single list and share it with our premium newsletter subscribers.

Terms and conditions

  • We compile the list of winning products and suppliers on best-effort basis. We don’t guarantee you will make sales from using the information as the sales very much depend on individual marketing strategy.
  • The monthly fee for accessing the list is non-refundable.
  • The list is proprietary information produced by Reconnify Pte. Ltd. We retain all copyrights.
  • Strictly no sharing of the password and link with non-members is allowed.


1. How do I request for access to the winning product and supplier list?

Currently, the list is only open to premium newsletter subscribers. Once you have subscribed to our newsletter, contact us and indicate your interest of signing up for the premium membership. We will start by quizzing you for some information needed for the membership.

2. How do I make payment?

You will be given a payment link where you can make a credit card payment. Alternatively we take Paypal and telegraphic transfer.

3. How do I use the information on the list?

Carefully choose the products in the list that are compatible with your niche. After that, you can use your favorite dropshipping app, such as Oberlo to import selected products into your store from the AliExpress listings, and get started testing the products on your targeted audience.

4. How is the list compiled? Where is the list from?

We compile the list by hand, from the information given by our connections in China’s fulfillment industry.

Once we receive tips on a product and which supplier / store is currently taking huge orders on the product, we verify the information with other circumstantial evidences before adding the product to our list. Sometimes, we even ask the source to take a picture of the packages they are shipping.

Tips that cannot be corroborated will not be added to our list.

Products will be deleted after they become too popular or saturated or after staying for 3 months on the list.

5. May I contact the agents who provided you the information?

DO NOT ask us for this information.

6. Do you guarantee that I will make sales?

The products in the list are the current winning products of many successful dropshipping stores. We have verified that the suppliers or agents have taken orders for these products. So it’s almost certain that if you did not have any sales from them, the fault is not in the product choice.

When that happens, you should look elsewhere, such as the store design, or your marketing strategy.

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7. How do I get support?

If you have further questions, you may contact us from the contact form, or simply reply our newsletter email.