Drone Dropshippers: The Best Suppliers and the Information You Need

Drone Dropshippers: The Best Suppliers and the Information You Need

The global drone market is expected to increase from $22.5B in 2020 to over $42.8B in 2025, driven by an ever-expanding list of use cases and applications. In recent years, the energy and inspection sectors have been the highest users of drones.

Still, future growth is expected to be driven by services and deliveries, particularly in a newly virus-conscious world. So, if you are considering starting a drone dropshipping business, there has never been a better time.

Is Drone Dropshipping a Good Opportunity?

Drone dropshipping is a relatively recent business opportunity, only gaining traction in the past five years or so. In that time, drones have evolved beyond their military and industrial origins, becoming valuable tools for photography and filmmaking.

Commercial organizations and governments are finding more uses for drones, which offers excellent sales and growth opportunities.

For instance, drones are being used in construction and inspection, agriculture, law enforcement, real estate, and public utilities.

drone usage in photography, law enforcement and commercial surveying

Furthermore, they are increasingly popular among private consumers, not just in photography and filmmaking, but also in attracting a wide range of hobbyists.

The drone industry is regulated

The popularity of drones is also facilitated by a changing regulatory environment.

In 2016, the US FAA expanded and clarified its unmanned aircraft rules to accommodate growing drone use. Drones were only legalized in India in 2018, opening up an enormous emerging market. In Japan, 2020 saw the introduction of a new class of delivery drones, joining the existing classifications of commercial and industrial drones.

While there are many existing drone stores, it is still a growing market and ripe for specialization. Consumers are now looking for sellers who offer support, service, parts, and repair in addition to selling drones.

Therefore, specializing in specific drone market segments and incorporating guidance and expertise can allow new drone dropshippers to differentiate themselves and build a thriving business.

Important Information About Drone Dropshipping

If you are new to drone dropshipping, there is some critical information you need to know:

Drones are classified as aircraft

Regulations governing drones vary widely from country to country and region to region.

In many places, a permit is required to buy, fly, or sell them. Drones may need to be registered or only piloted by people with a certification or license.

Drones are categorized by weight, maximum altitude, maximum speed, and other factors. So, regulations often apply to drones by speed, height, or weight.

Drones may only be permitted to carry certain cargo, or only fly under specific visibility conditions, or abide by other regulations.

Consequently, it is imperative to review any local regulations to determine whether your business can comply with them wherever you intend to supply drones. It is also essential to inform and educate your customers about the applicable restrictions.

Drones are an expensive specialty item

They are seldom an impulsive buy; consumers tend to shop carefully for drones and have higher expectations for the product and the seller.

In other words, to build a drone dropshipping business, you need detailed, technical knowledge and the ability to position yourself as an expert. Customers will expect professional consultations, support, and guidance and typically require a full warranty and return policy.

It’s best for this kind of business to build a substantial, ongoing relationship with customers and leads, with longer lead times and heavier investment in sales content and connections.

Drones can be difficult to advertise

If you habitually use paid ads to promote your dropshipped products, you may need to explore different channels. Because, Facebook does not seem to be friendly to drone ads, so you may need to focus on organic social marketing or SEO to get better results.

Consider Niche Alternatives

If your local regulations aren’t suitable for advertising or selling drones, consider specializing in drone accessories, parts, or repair.

drone service

Drones frequently crash or break down, and because they are expensive, repair services can be an excellent business alternative. Drone services are less heavily regulated than drones themselves.

How to Choose a Drone Dropshipping Supplier

When choosing a dropshipping supplier for a drone business, here are the most important things to consider.


Is your supplier an official distributor of the products and accessories? You may encounter legal risks if you dropship pirated or unlicensed products.


If you are not dealing with well-known brands, it’s important to consider product quality. Low-quality drones break down more frequently and are likely to dissatisfy customers, leading to a lot of complaints and returns.


Parts and accessories

Does your supplier also provide name-brand parts and accessories? You will need a supplier that can also offer spare parts and a wide range of accessories, as your customers will want to repair a broken drone.

drone parts and accessories


Do the products come with well-written technical documentation in English? Do you have access to detailed specs, images, and other information about the products?

Cost of shipping and packaging

Because drones are fragile, they have special needs for shipping and handling. Check these costs and account for them.


If you are importing drones, you may need to pay import taxes or tariffs.

When dropshipping drones from China, these costs are passed along to the consumer because the importer in this case is the buyer, so your customers may get an invoice from their local customs agency.

Instead, you may choose to work with a local supplier to avoid import taxes and customs fees. However, be aware that local suppliers have simply added the taxes onto your retail price in many instances.

The Best Drone Dropshipping Suppliers

Keeping all those factors in mind, here are the best drone dropshipping suppliers.

Location Name Brands Product categories Description Comments



SG906, Teeggi, SJRC

Drones: GPS, foldable, mini

Parts and accessories: Batteries, motors, spare parts

Teeggi specializes in affordable drones that are easy to assemble and easy to use

Teeggi drones are great for beginners and hobbyists but lack advanced features and accessories



Cymarc, MJX, SG906

Drones, spare parts

Cymarc carries a wide range of drones, from beginner to advanced, along with RC helicopters, planes, and boats

Cymarc carries a great range of drones, from toys for beginners to the most advanced 4k 2-axis self-stabilizing RC quadcopters





GSBAN BABY has a wide selection of mid-range drones

GSBAN BABY doesn’t offer parts or accessories




Drones: 4K, GPS drone, mini drones

Accessories: spare parts, batteries, accessory kits

LANSENXI also offers a limited supply of duty-free drones

LANSENXI has a good variety of drones with a wide range of capabilities and good documentation




Drones: Foldable, mini, racing.

Parts and accessories: bags, spare parts, FPV goggles, monitors, mini cameras, transmitters, DIY parts, etc.

Eachine sells a wide range of drones and RC copters, along with a wide variety of parts and accessories, along with FPV accessories

Eachine also offers online service and support in US time, along with online manuals and drivers. Their products are also available on Banggood



Autel, DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom, DJI Inspire, Parrot

Drones, underwater drones, FPV goggles, cameras, lights

Verydrone also offers commercial services, refurbished drones, and repair and support

Verydrone is a DJI authorized dealer that offers lifetime tech support and customer care



Autel, DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom, DJI Inspire, Parrot

Drones, cases, cameras and sensors, accessories, gimbals, service and repair

DroneNerds offers consumer, professional, and enterprise solutions

DroneNerds does not explicitly have a wholesale or dropship policy, so you would need to contact them with an inquiry. They do have an affiliate program



DJI Matrice, Mavic Dual, Autel EVO, DJI Phantom, DJI Zenmuse, Flir, senseFLY

Drones and parts, optics and gimbals, components, and accessories

DSLRPros specializes in enterprise services, including drones for public safety, energy, agriculture, and construction.

DSLRPros is an authorized dealer for DJI, Flir, Autel, Airdata, and senseFLY


Parkflyers RC

Inductrix, Orbit, Traxxas

Drones, spare parts, batteries, chargers, accessories, radio systems

Parkflyers specializes in RC toys and gadgets, including drones, planes, copters, cars, boats, and more. They also offer service and support

Parkflyers offers ready-to-fly products without assembly and free tech support in US time.



Tello, DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom, DJI Inspire

Drones, accessories, cases, cameras, gimbals, repairs

DroneShopCanada offers drones, accessories, service, repair, and training

Since 2014, DroneShopCanada has been specializing in drones, with products that are personally tested and recommended by expert staff


Starting a drone dropshipping business requires more expertise and comprehensive services than selling smaller, less sophisticated gadgets. And yet the demand for drones is growing rapidly, with tremendous room for sales in the coming years.

Keep in mind that this is a product with a rapidly changing regulatory environment. If your local restrictions are severe, they will probably relax soon, and it’s worth keeping an eye on applicable laws and regulations for updates.

To conclude, drones are an exciting technology, full of promise and new applications. This is a great time to become part of it.

Use our product research tool to check for the sales and dropship demand for individual drone products.

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