Dropified vs Oberlo — only the parts that matter most

Dropified vs Oberlo — only the parts that matter most

When AliExpress dropshipping started gaining popularity in 2017, there weren’t many apps that can automate the tedious tasks in a dropshipping operation, such as product import and order fulfillment.

Now we see various dropshipping apps in the market. Each of them is promoting their respective unique features. Dropshippers have the freedom to choose the most fitting app that gives them a competitive edge in their business. 

Two of the most popular apps around are Oberlo and Dropified. In this article, we will find out which one is the best.


Use Oberlo, unless you are dropshipping from elsewhere besides AliExpress, or you have not used Shopify to make your store.

Is Dropified worth the money?

Dropifield used to go head-to-head with Oberlo in the area of AliExpress dropshipping. But it has branched off recently into private label dropshipping with US suppliers.

Dropified pricing changes indicating a business pivot

Oberlo is the market leader of AliExpress dropshipping apps. They have a free plan for starters which offers most functions they may need.

Oberlo free plan

As long as you dropship only from AliExpress to Shopify, as most people do, there is no point paying $17/month + 8% of product cost for the basic Dropified subscription (the Import plan). You can handle all the repetitive tasks in dropshipping with Oberlo.

Dropifield used to focus on many advanced automation features. However, Oberlo has since duplicated many of those features in their basic plan of $29.90 / month.

Moreover, there is a growing trend that after finding a winner, the dropshipper would switch from AliExpress to a private supplier or an agent to handle the fulfillment and earn a better profit margin.

Since you use AliExpress only for testing the product demand, there is no point in investing in advanced automation features.

Dropified supports more than one platform

Dropified supports WooCommerce and importing products from other marketplaces like eBay, Wayfair and Wish. However, other apps are competing with Dropified in this arena offering the same features.

For instance, AliDropship is a popular app that supports dropshipping with WooCommerce, and Importify is another app that allows dropshipping from multiple marketplaces.

Besides the main features, Dropified also has a few popular add-ons that provide additional functionalities that dropshippers may find interesting. One of these add-ons is AliExtractor, which allows you to do AliExpress product research.


However, for the same price, our product research app actually does a better job.

Dropified US suppliers

If you are looking for US suppliers, Dropified is one option to consider. However, they are under intense competition with other apps in the same space: Spocket and Modalyst provide the same features.

The last time we checked, Dropified’s US supplier database is not as extensive as Spocket.

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