Dropshipping Sales Season Cheat Sheet — Prepare your store for November 2020

Dropshipping Sales Season Cheat Sheet — Prepare your store for November 2020

Since the Covid pandemic started, shipping network performance has remained low. The congested shipping lanes pose a challenge to dropshippers who are preparing for the holiday sales season. 

Compounding the matter is that some of the December sales will likely move forward.

As we anticipate even higher sales demand in December, dropshippers will do everything they can to encourage customers to “go early” over the Christmas period, i.e., doing the shopping in November.

We have prepared a cheat sheet for you to ready your store for this November’s sales season. Can you make the most out of it?

A list of shopping holidays to take note of in November 2020

  1. 🔥 November 11 – Singles’ Day. Target Audience: Chinese people around the world.
  2. 🔥 November 27 – Black Friday. Target Audience: bargain hunters, holiday shoppers.
  3. 🔥 November 28 – Small Business Saturday. Target Audience: shoppers in general.
  4. 🔥 November 30 – Cyber Monday. Target Audience: bargain hunters, holiday shoppers.


  1. Check with your suppliers or agents for their stock level and capability to deliver your packages if orders scale up.
  2. Update your shipping timeframe guarantees to something more realistic.

Your store

  1. Research and add new products.
  2. Create discounted product bundles.
  3. Plan your promotional activities.
  4. Prepare a new holiday-theme front page for your store.
  5. Prepare new marketing assets, e.g., new ad creatives, Instagram stories, emails to be sent out.
  6. Create the required site coupons.

Criteria for new products

  1. Gifts
  2. Toys and hobbies
  3. Luxurious items such as jewelry
  4. Unique items
  5. Fashionable items

Our product research process will show you all the trendy products in Q4.

Notes to yourself

  1. The marketing cost will increase as more stores bid for ad placements, but your sales will more than cover the cost.
  2. You will likely encounter customer complaints about their orders.
  3. Be on top of your customer service at all times to address these issues quickly.
  4. Use personal messaging in your customer service to connect deeper with your customers and prospective customers.

Good Luck. Make tons of sales, and improve your customer loyalty.

Jeff Wong

Jeff has spent 12 years architecting data analytics and offering consultation services for clients in the b2b, telco, healthcare and e-commerce industry. He likes to blog about the problems online businesses are facing nowadays and share creative and inexpensive solutions.

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