US UK AUS EU dropshipping supplier list — better product quality and faster shipping

US UK AUS EU dropshipping supplier list — better product quality and faster shipping

Containing relevant data columns for your supplier research!

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170+ US-UK-Aus-EU dropshipping suppliers.

Are your sales affected by quality issues and shipping delays?

Fact: using a local supplier allows you to sell high-quality products and ship your orders faster to your customers.

Having unique products and fast shipping time sets you apart from other AliExpress dropshipping stores. Moreover, you get to support the local producers and contribute to the local economy.

What do I get from the spreadsheet?

  • 178 suppliers, wholesalers, distributors from—
  • 9 countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Italy, France, and South Africa.
  • 8 data columns: Supplier name and URL, Location, Niches, Apps, API / CSV export, Subscription fee, Review link, Customisation, Support level.
  • Accurate, manually verified data.
  • Regular automatic update to the spreadsheet.
  • We will continue adding more suppliers in the future.

There is an on-going trend to dropship from local wholesalers, especially during Covid times, where long-distance shipping is unreliable.

By going with a local supplier, you get better customer support who speaks your language, and have proper packaging, plus you can handle returns on short distance.

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How to use the spreadsheet?

Filter the table according to your criteria, such as niches.

After that, you can visit the websites, call any of the suppliers, and request to speak with the representative in charge of their wholesale/dropshipping program.

By all means, find out more about the companies, such as

  • What are the price points of their products?
  • How much margin can you get?
  • Is their customer support responsive?
  • How do they handle returns?

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