How to Import Products From AliExpress to Shopify?

How to Import Products From AliExpress to Shopify?

In this article, you will learn how to add products from AliExpress to your Shopify store.

You can now automate this once very tedious process with 3rd party apps, some of them free. We’ve listed down the best of them for your review.

Generally, there are two ways to import products from AliExpress to Shopify:

  1. searching and importing products straight from a third-party app’s product catalogue, or
  2. importing a listing from AliExpress website itself with a Chrome extension.

Importing From App Product Catalogue

Oberlo product catalogue
Oberlo’s product catalogue

One known advantage of importing products from a third-party app’s product catalogue is this: the listings come from reputable and reliable suppliers. That’s because the app developer has likely verified them before allowing them to offer their products for dropshipping to the app users.

To import vetted products from a catalogue, you first need to have an app like Oberlo installed and connected to your Shopify store. The instructions below are from Oberlo, and are applicable to other apps that come with the same function.

  1. Go to the app dashboard, from there go to the product catalogue.
  2. Use the search and browse through the products.
  3. After finding a product, click on Add To Import and the product will be automatically listed in your store—together with its price, variants, and available stocks.
  4. If you want to make some changes to the product details, you can do so from the Product List on Shopify Admin.

Importing With A Chrome Extension

When importing products from AliExpress to Shopify using a Chrome extension, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  1. Log-in to both the third-party app and AliExpress. This is to sync the imported product(s) and its details into the app system right away.
  2. Browse products on AliExpress. Once you’ve found a product you’d like to import, simply click on the extension button at the upper right corner of your browser while on the product page.
  3. Fill in the form and click Import. The product will then be listed in your store.
  4. If you want to make some changes to the product details, you can do so from the Product List on Shopify Admin.

Choosing a Dropshipping App: Things To Consider

There are three essential criteria to consider when choosing an app to import products from AliExpress to Shopify:

1. Ability to import all variants, images and videos

Importing them to your Shopify store will save you time and effort as compared to entering the details of the product—from variants, titles and descriptions, right down to images and videos—one at a time manually to complete the listing.

2. Automatic order fulfillment

With this function, the app can pick up any customer orders on the imported products. Upon review by you or automatically, The app places purchase orders on AliExpress with the right suppliers and makes the payment.

It sends the shipping details automatically to the suppliers and update Shopify orders with the tracking numbers the suppliers provide. It helps you to track your customers’ orders from time to time.

Thus, this function is a must-have in the dropshipping app you’re going to use.

3. Support adding multiple suppliers

DSers supplier management
DSers supplier management

There will likely be times when your lead supplier can’t fulfill orders for you due to having little to no stocks at all. Being able to add other suppliers as backups will not only help you keep up with your customers’ demands, but also improve their trust towards you.

You should also consider the following:

Importing from other sources

This feature is best for those who want to have product sources other than AliExpress, including other wholesalers and e-commerce platforms. This also increases their chances of finding a new winning product before others do.

Some apps like Importify have this feature, but it likely makes the app more expensive than others. So, if you wish to cut down on some business expenses, you should think about whether or not you truly need this kind of function. 

Real-time price and inventory update

You are selling a product at a marked-up price. If the supplier’s price increases to twice the original price, then your pricing doesn’t come close to breaking even.

Or you could be selling a product that you didn’t know has already been sold out. Not only will you likely lose sales due to refunds. You will also lose the trust of your customers.

Having an app feature that can update the listing’s price and inventory in real-time will help you avoid the issues mentioned above.

Importing reviews

Reviews tell people the quality of the products or services you are providing. 

But since there won’t be any reviews available for a product that’s newly imported, you’ll want to use an app that can import reviews from AliExpress.

It will give you a marketing headstart when customers check out your store. It provides you the much-needed social proof to gain their trust.

What’s more, there are apps that allow you to import reviews. Being able to do so with your dropshipping app is a bonus.

AliExpress cashback / affiliate program

While you can quickly look for and import a product to sell from AliExpress, some of these will turn out to be hard sell due to many dropshippers selling the same item.

Some started to take advantage of an cashback / affiliate program from AliExpress which allows them to get extra commission for every sale they make, on top of what they’re earning from dropshipping.

It’s worth noting though that only some apps support this program and allows placing orders in a way that dropshippers can earn the said commission.

A List of AliExpress Product Importer Apps

You already know the things to consider when choosing an app/extension.

Here are some of the best dropshipping apps you can use to import products to your Shopify store.

1. Oberlo

Free (Starter), $29.90 (Basic), $79.90 (Pro) per month

When it comes to dropshipping, Oberlo is practically a household name. 

Aside from being officially recognized by Shopify as an AliExpress import app, it has notable features such as product customization, supplier change, automated pricing, and sales tracker.

Apart from Oberlo, there are many competing apps in the market that offer better functionalities. A more in-depth review of these apps can be found here: Oberlo Alternatives.

2. ShopMaster

Free (Starter), $19.90 (Basic), $39.90 (Business), $79.90 (Enterprise) per month

ShopMaster is not just known for its Alibaba support and AliExpress API integration.

It also has multiple store management, which allows you to dropship to Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, or 3DCart using just one account. It has product price and inventory changes monitoring and updating, as well as multiple order purchasing and a whole lot more.

3. SellersDash

Free (Basic), $19.99 (Starter) per month

Deemed to have the best integration with AliExpress and Shopify, SellersDash is also best known for its multi-language and multi-currency support.

With this app, you can also make complex pricing rules. To make a transition from Oberlo to SellersDash, you can import products and orders from Oberlo directly.

4. DSers


DSers is another dropshipping app officially endorsed and supported by Alibaba, together with ShopMaster. 

It’s free of charge and best known for its AliExpress import and auto fulfillment features. It also has automatic tracking number sync, as well as CSV bulk ordering and multiple store management.

5. Importify

$14.95 (Basic), $27.95 (Premium), $37.95 (Gold) per month

Importify not only allows you to import products to Shopify in one click, but also allows you to see the Hot Selling products from AliExpress first. 

It features smart pricing that lets you automatically price your products per your specifications, as well as a built-in editor for product descriptions. It also features supplier change in case your primary supplier runs out of stocks, and semi-automatic order fulfillment.

More so, you can import products from a large number of sources with this app. As mentioned before, this will help you broaden your choices and find more winning products to sell in your store.

6. Nimble

$18 (Basic), $60 (Regular), $129 (Advanced) per month

Nimble is another app that features AliExpress import for Shopify stores. It also features a fully automated system – from ordering right down to delivery. 

It also comes with smart shipping that chooses the best shipping method for your customers’ orders, address corrector that allows you to change any address mistakes upon checkout, downloadable invoices generator for bulk payments, and affiliate commissions, amongst other notable features.

7. Dropified

$47 (Builder), $127 (Premier) per month

Dropified is an all-in-one dropshipping app.

Aside from its automatic order fulfillment and AliExpress importing, it’s also known for the following: automatic price changes and availability updates, as well as quick profit reports to help you better understand your earnings.

Even more so, Dropified is known for its excellent customer support. You can contact them for support anytime of the day via live chat or e-mail. Their blog is also consistently managed with outlined guides and app updates. This allows you to resolve any issues you encounter without delay.

Product Import: Frequently Asked Questions

On a related note, here are two frequently asked questions about product import:

When you use AliExpress to find a product, do you have to contact the supplier to let them know that you are dropshipping their products?

Generally, it’s a good idea to let them know because you’ll know how fast they respond. 

You can tell the suppliers not to include any promotional materials in the package or anything that gives away to customers that your store is dropshipping.

They may be a brand (rare) that discourages dropshipping and they will let you know.

One example is this baby stroller / baby carriage product. It’s from a brand called BabyFond, which may or may not allow dropshipping.

If you use Oberlo to import products from AliExpress, does the supplier have to know?

If you’re ordering products in bulk, suppliers will likely tag you as a dropshipper. Thus, there’s no need to contact them to let them know.

If the products appear in Oberlo’s product catalogue, then the supplier is already vetted by Oberlo, so they should know that you are dropshipping. Thus, there’s no need to contact them again.

If you use Oberlo Chrome extension to import products from AliExpress, it is advisable to let the store know you are dropshipping before you start to make your first order.

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