Pretty Hair Dropship Review – US Supplier

Pretty Hair Dropship Review – US Supplier

Are you looking to start a dropshipping business selling hair extensions?

If so, this article is for you.

Most people don’t have any clue about this market because, they don’t really consider hair extension a necessity. In turn, dropshippers can’t get their hands on enough data to start a business with it successfully.

There’s so much to learn about hair extensions and the world of hair care, after all.

Some facts: Afro-Americans are well-known for their unique hairstyles. They like to use hair extensions to make their look even more distinctive.

To most people, they do this to stand out from the crowd. To them, however, it is a way to celebrate their reggae culture.

There’s also the US haircare market, which has likely reached its $12.8 billion mark in 2019 with an expected annual growth of 1.1%. The saying “invest in your hair for it is a crown that you can never take off” has never been more accurate with these figures.

The downside for a hair extension dropshipping business? Its target audience is limited to just a few demographics.

According to Facebook’s Audience Insights, those who are interested in hair extensions comparatively fall within the lower education bracket, unmarried, and 96% are females between ages 25 and 35.

Now, something happened when someone started to dropship hair extensions in 2018. Not only did it make hair extensions trendy again in early 2019, but it also made dropshippers aware of the profitability of the business.

What Is Pretty Hair? The dropshipping hair company

Pretty Hair is a US-based company that provides wigs and hair extensions to women, most of whom are Afro-American.

The founder of Pretty Hair is Maja Sly, a stylist and the owner-operator of renowned Walk-In Weaves Salon in Georgia. She thought that there must be a better way for her customers to get the hair they want for their look and so she started her own hair extension company.

Pretty Hair is a legitimate business registered in the US. It also has four physical stores located in Decatur and Lithia Springs in Georgia, Stockton in California, and Jacksonville in North Carolina.

What does Pretty Hair offer?

Pretty Hair offers 100% Premium Virgin Hair products.

They offer Brazilian Hair, which is well-known for its versatility and shine, as well as its softness and thickness. Here are some of Pretty Hair’s best-selling Brazilian hair products:

  • Brazilian Body Wave – a slightly wavy hair extension that you can curl, straight, or color as desired.
  • Brazilian Deep Wave – a beautifully curled and bouncy hair extension that extends up to 32″.

They also offer Peruvian Hair, which may be a little thicker and coarser than Brazilian Hair, but it is lightweight and has more volume.

Two of Pretty Hair’s Peruvian best-sellers include the Peruvian Body Wave Bundle and the Peruvian Straight Bundle. Both of them come with three differently sized 100% Virgin Grade 7A Peruvian hair extensions that can last up to 1 year usage depending on how it is cared for.

These bundles are best for those with bobs and long straight hair that can be cut, colored, ironed, or curled easily.

Pretty Hair also offers clip-in and sew-in extensions, loose and Spanish waves, colored wigs, and frontals. Check out Pretty Hair product list to see all their best-sellers.

How much does a Pretty Hair product cost?

Pretty Hair’s products range from $9.99 up to $194.99.

If you’re looking to dropship from them, however, you might want to do some more research on stores that offer the same products.

You see, Pretty Hair’s retail price on their Peruvian Body Wave Hair Extension 14″/16″/18″ Bundle costs around $150. Meanwhile, you can find a similar bundle on AliExpress for only $60.

Doing some more research will help you determine whether there’s room for you to increase the price of your dropshipped products. You will also see if your price is comparable to those of your competitors.

Dropshipping with Pretty Hair: Things you need to know

Can’t wait to start?

Here are the things that you first need to know about and consider carefully before dropshipping with Pretty Hair:

  • There are various product bundles listed in Pretty Hair Dropship website to choose from.
  • Whatever difference between the customers paid to you and the cost you paid to Pretty Hair is your profit.
  • You only need $25 to sign up as a dropship member and $19.99 for the monthly membership fee.
  • To get them to design and create a store for you, you need to pay a $499.99 one-off fee and a $29.99 monthly fee, including the dropship member fee.
  • There are no Shopify apps available.

On another note, Shopify Payment has categorized hair products as high-risk items. Because of this, the payment system may flag out and block all transactions related to this category.

Customers can only rely on platforms like PayPal to pay for their purchases in this category on Shopify. Given this, it’s better to use WooCommerce altogether.

The quality of Pretty Hair products

Pretty Hair’s products are 100% virgin hair – made with real, untreated human hair from single hair donors. These donors are from Natural Virgin Hair, one of the world’s largest supplier of natural hair for wigs, extensions, and more.

Not really convinced about Pretty Hair’s product quality?

You can always order samples at Pretty Hair official website to experience their product quality firsthand, which you’ll have to pay for.

Customer support

In terms of support, there are two crucial questions that you should ask yourself before dropshipping with any supplier: Are they supportive and responsive? Where can you contact them?

Well, you’ll have to find out for yourself if Pretty Hair is this kind of supplier.

You can always contact Pretty Hair’s sales representatives for any inquiries via phone at 1-800-768-6017 and e-mail at

Refund policy

As for Pretty Hair’s refund policy, they don’t issue refunds or exchange products for any reasons or circumstances, and all sales from them are final.

This policy is a crucial point to consider before dropshipping with them. Some people might encounter problems with a product during the delivery process or after opening the package. The thought of not being able to solve these due to the said refund policy will cost you their trust, and you won’t be able to retain them as customers.

Are you ready to dropship with Pretty Hair now?

You can start dropshipping Pretty Hair products from Pretty Hair Dropship website.

Sign up and pay the dropship and member fees to get access to your membership account. From there, you can choose the hair products (including the length and texture) that you want to offer your customers, or your customer has ordered from you.

Once your order is processed and ready to be shipped, you will receive a tracking number that you can forward to your customer.

TIP: When fulfilling orders, you might want to send Pretty Hair a .csv file containing all product orders instead of going through those one-by-one on the website.

For your reference: some raw hair dropshipper stores

Below is a list of websites the supplier have registered and assigned to their dropship members. You may research the branding and marketing strategies of these stores.

Happy dropshipping with Pretty Hair!

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