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Discover winning products with unique sales-based metrics

Reconnify makes advanced product research simple and accessible.

  • rank products by Sales Activity
  • accurately reveal product profitability
  • drastically reduce your product testing budget

Watch a 10-min walkthrough of Reconnify: Product Research with Sales Activity metric.

Let us help you choose the right products to dropship today.

  • split-test less products
  • lower product validation cost
  • lower cost per purchase (CP-PUR) in campaigns
  • lower inventory risk (if you keep stocks)
  • higher turnover rate

Our clients and other stores who have made 4-figure+ revenue per month with our tool’s predictions.

Authentic screenshots from Shopify Exchange marketplace and Reconnify.
"I have been following the course from (a guru) to start a dropshipping store and had trouble finding a sellable product for months. All I could find were saturated products, and they gave me extremely high CPM. That was where Jeff came in. He showed me the proper criteria for product selection and a demo of his tool. I built my store's entire catalog with the tool and made consistent sales with Instagram Ads..."

We kept a record of several winning products we and our associates have dropshipped, together with their metrics and revenue figures.

Frequently Asked Questions

We collect our product data from four sources:

  • selected dropshipping stores that have many sales orders.
  • AliExpress.
  • information from our fulfilment agents who are willing to share sales statistics with us.
  • other b2b sourcing websites.

Sales Activity / Dropship Rate is a unique metric we use to indicate the demand for a product. It directly correlates to the sales orders the store or the supplier is getting on the product.

We derive a product’s sales activity by performing a trick we call page differencing: tracking the changes to crawled pages.

Dropshipping stores always leak signals that may indicate a customer order, such as a social-proof message showing a recent order, the publication of a customer review (only the authentic ones), the addition of a product into the store’s best-selling section. By regularly visiting the pages, we can capture these signals where a human visitor would overlook.

We have discovered around 10~20 of such signals, and we only use those that directly correlates to sales.

We also record the changes in total dropshipped orders of AliExpress products as shared by our proprietary data sources.

We collect these signals, track them, and turn them into metrics, which you can use as a search filter in the app.

Before launching the app, we have had moderate successes dropshipping with our in-house product research method. Some of our small-catalog stores have reached 4-figure+ revenue range. We sold them on Shopify Exchange when they eventually required more staff-hours to run than we wanted to spend.

We created Reconnify to automate the same data research and collection method. To illustrate Reconnify’s accuracy, we showcase a list of stores  that had sold products Reconnify predicted to be profitable. Two of them are from our clients.

For your information, Shopify has published the verified revenue figures of these stores.

Reconnify advocates using  sales-based metrics to search for potential winning products.

In the past, traditional product research methods involve filtering products with a set of qualitative criteria such as

  • the passion factor!
  • the competition factor
  • “whether it is available in a neighborhood departmental store.”

The researcher often need to make a subjective call on whether a product can take off. Thus, finding a winner requires the researcher to have plenty of dropshipping experience.

These methods are also very time-consuming in practice. You can learn about them in many youtube videos about dropshipping.

The appearance of product research tools helps to make product research more objective. Unfortunately, the tools in the market generally do not have sales-based metrics.

Ad spy tools, for example, use vanity metrics like the number of Likes/Comments/Shares to gauge the demand for the products. A dropshipper with some FB Ads experience can tell you that a page-post engagement campaign can quickly generate Likes/Comments/Shares on a post, and they don’t necessarily correlate to sales.

Tools that crawl AliExpress platform use “total orders” number to gauge the demand for the products. This metric is also flawed: the total orders on AliExpress represent regular orders + dropshipped orders. A product with high orders may not be a good product to sell in a Shopify store, as it is possible that only regular AliExpress app users like to purchase the product.

These tools work to some degree if you have tons of practical experience using them to find winning products.

As such, we believe the only reliable and fool-proof way to find winning products is using Sales Activity / Dropship Rate metrics on Reconnify.

We see ourselves as a light-weight and accurate product research tool.

We don’t spy on online advertisements because we don’t encourage dropshippers to copy an ad when creating an ad campaign. In our experience, this is one of the top reasons to incur an ad account ban on Facebook. Spy tools are often costly because of the manual labor costs incurred when scraping the advertisements. By focusing on product research, we help to keep our subscription affordable.

Besides offering a unique metric for accurate product research, our tool differs from other research tools in the way it collects the data. We can analyze and tell if a store is making sales from dropshipping. We only collect product data from a selected set of model dropshipping stores. On the other hand, other tools scrape product data indiscriminately, and hence you may find plenty of stale products on their platform.

Also, we have built a good working relationship with several fulfillment agents based in China. Since these agents typically fulfill hundreds of orders per day, they have all the order information and statistics on their hands. Through them, we receive accurate information on the currently trending products.

We guarantee that you will make a wise decision on what products to import and dropship.

When a product has a positive Sales Activity, it means we have verified that some suppliers or stores have taken actual orders for the product.

Besides product selection, the sales revenue depends on the price you set, your store design, and your marketing skill.

We do offer some support to individual users in the form of store audit, if they are just getting started with dropshipping. Please sign up for a subscription plan, and contact us for more details.

We don’t restrict users on what tools they want to use for product import. Once you see a product in our tool, you can visit the relevant links and use your favorite tool to perform the product import, e.g. Oberlo, Dropified.

No. We are not an agent or supplier. We are also not affiliated with any.

If you have a question not on the list about product research or Reconnify in general, you may contact us.

Base your decision on quantitative data, not subjective feelings

We bring the rigor of data science to dropshipping.

All our product recommendations are generated from up-to-date data using proprietary formulas.

Get access today and start building a profitable business faster.

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