Not enough sales? Audit your sales funnel and understand why

High drop-off rate in your funnel? Is it because of the ad? the video? Or the ad set targeting? The campaign parameters? Store design? Product page copy? The offer? The product choice? Or the wrong marketing channel?

Sign up to receive a free sales funnel audit and uncover the root cause in an hour.

You know you have to fix something to boost the sales, the question is where? Stop guessing and have a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at your sales funnel.

This service is free of charge and open to all readers of our blog who runs an online store. Many readers have written to us with the same request, so we decided to start this service.

We have built and marketed profitable stores ourselves and have seen countless stores doing the wrong way. You could avoid making the same mistakes they’ve made.

Here’s how you can get an audit:

  1. Sign up with your email address.
  2. We send you an email asking a few basic questions about your store.
  3. Then, we look at your user journey from the first impression to checkout, including the ad, marketing channels, store, and Google Analytics. We need your help to grant us read access to your accounts in this step.
  4. Finally, we send you an audit report detailing your conversion problem’s causes and our recommendations on fixing them.
I had not made sales for two months before I discovered why. It turned out that I have installed too many apps on my page.dropshipper
The overcrowded plugin features from the theme have made the product page looked scammy.

The service is free because it won’t take very long of our time. Most stores’ sales problems are evident, and we can pinpoint them in less than an hour.

You can read about our methodology here: My Shopify store is getting traffic, but why am I not making any sales?

If you require an in-depth consultation on your strategy, we can discuss it further after the audit.

Don’t spend any more money on ads until you figure out what the problem is.

Sign up now and gain a new perspective. ☝️

Jeff Wong

Jeff has spent 12 years architecting data analytics and offering consultation services for clients in the b2b, telco, healthcare and e-commerce industry. He likes to blog about the problems online businesses are facing nowadays and share creative and inexpensive solutions.

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