Top 5 Yoga Shopify Stores And Their Characteristics

Top 5 Yoga Shopify Stores And Their Characteristics

Are you looking to start a store selling yoga-related products? In this article, we show you a list of top yoga Shopify stores for you to study. We also discuss their product choices, branding, and marketing strategy.



Alexa Ranking



Target Countries


Alo Yoga


custom theme

women’s outfit, men’s outfit, yoga mats, hat & hair, shoe & socks, bags & luggage






yoga, balancing, apparel, recovery tools, meditation





men’s outfit, women’s outfit, yoga accessories, meditation, home & wellness



Dharma Bums


custom theme

tops, bottoms, apparel, guppyfriend, crystal water bottles



Karma Yoga Shop



jewellery, home & decorations, yoga & meditation, apparel, stones


What products can you sell?

The main product line of a yoga store is almost always yoga apparel. You can sell many types of apparel: bras, tanks, tops, leggings, sleeves, shorts, and pants.

Clothes and garments are perishable items, meaning that your customers need them from time to time. So you can sell them all year round, or season by season. That makes your yoga store a sustainable business.

Most apparels are printable. So you can keep selling the same fabric with different custom designs.

Besides apparel, the other main product choices are yoga mats and props. They are the primary needs of a yoga practitioner. You can market them as high-end items.

If you pick yoga mats and props, there will be more branding you need to do in your store. You can choose to highlight the quality of the material, features, and functions.

Products to cross-sell

You can cross-sell yoga accessories like jewelry, bags, shoes, or even books about yoga.

Yoga practitioners are usually also into meditation. So you can sell them meditation-related equipment as well.

You could also branch out into the fitness niche, selling home fitness equipment such as balance balls.

Your customers might get muscle fatigue from their exercise routine. So you can sell them recovery tools like massage guns.

Last but not least, they might want to decorate their homes to give off a yoga vibe. So you can sell them yoga-theme home decor items and wellness products such as essential oils and diffusers.

How should you brand a yoga store?

Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice, and therefore a lifestyle. It is essential that you brand your store accordingly to reflect that lifestyle. It will help if you tell a story about how you started and the role your products play in yoga.

You almost certainly need a custom-designed logo. It may allude to the flexibility of a yogi’s body or the spiritual aspect of the practice.

Cursive icons also help to reinforce the “yoga feel” in your store.

You also need good photos, such as those featuring models performing yoga stances with your products as support.

Testimonials are great too. They promote a sense of community in your store.

Yoga store marketing strategy

The usual channels the top yoga stores use for marketing:

  1. Organic Instagram. It’s hardly surprising because these are generally the top channels for marketing lifestyle products.
  2. Instagram Influencers. Once you have a strong Instagram presence, the next step would be to find influencers to generate your brand’s content and promote it.
  3. Facebook Page & Facebook Ads. We find that all stores run Ads with their Facebook Pages.

Other channels you can consider: Pinterest, Email, Youtube, Blog.

The common apps for marketing these stores use are loyalty apps, review apps, live chat apps and conversion optimization apps. However when you get started, building trust for your store is more important than pushing for sales.

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