Which single product Shopify theme is the best?

Which single product Shopify theme is the best?

For one-product dropshipping stores to be successful, it takes more than just finding a winning product and promoting it. The in-store user experience is also a crucial factor that affects sales.

A one-product store is essentially an optimized sales funnel designed to sell one product. So, to boost sales, you want to make the store engaging to the visitors.


Well, it all starts with the theme choice. However, not all themes that you can find on Shopify are suitable for that purpose.

We have compiled a list of the best single product Shopify themes for you to consider.

The criteria for choosing a Shopify theme

When choosing a theme for your store, there are things that you need to consider and decide on carefully. As the theme will impact not just the visual appeal of your store, but also your customer’s overall experience with it.

Here’s the list:

Style – Ideally, the theme should come with a preset style that is not far from what you have envisioned for your overall branding.

It is easier for you to create a new theme style just by making a few changes from a preset style. Nobody likes to create theme styles from scratch and spend time tinkering on every theme settings.

Features – The theme should support the key features you want, out of the box.

You usually have in mind, a list of features you need in your store, to market the product or improve the user experience. If a theme supports them out of the box, it can save you some bucks getting them from a paid app.

TIP: Before paying for a theme, do preview it on a live store and play with its features to see if they cover your needs. Are they easy to modify should there be a need to do so?

Responsiveness – No one would want to visit or purchase from an online store that is hard to navigate, or slow, or only accessible on a desktop computer. Thus, you need to choose an SEO-optimized theme—one that comes with fast page loading and is responsive to any mobile device.

Support – Even if you have the best theme for your online store, you could still encounter problems while customizing it. You’ll want to choose and buy one that allows you to contact its developer quickly.

The support should be responsive enough to provide troubleshooting steps for any of your concerns. So just remember to check out the theme’s reviews to know more about the level of support a theme developer provides.

Price – Using Shopify is probably one of the most cost-effective ways to set up an online store. However, it doesn’t mean that you can spend the rest of your money on a whim.

You should find a theme that offers the best value, be it features or support, given your budget.

Now, based on the criteria mentioned above, let’s take a closer look at 23 of the best themes for single-product Shopify stores:

Single product Shopify themes (free)


by shopify themes (free)
Suitable for accessories, coffee, food or jewelry stores

Example store: Drizzle Honey (Pingdom page load speed: 0.911 seconds)

This Shopify theme may be simple, but it packs an enormous punch when telling a story. Thus, its name Narrative. Its features include being optimized for small catalogs, fixed navigation for easy browsing, homepage video support with autoplay and fullscreen mode, and having large image panels for a full graphics experience.


by shopify theme (free)
Suitable for fashion stores

Example store: String Theory (Pingdom page load speed: 0.934 seconds)

Specially made for modern stores in the fashion industry, Shopify’s Brooklyn is a force to reckon with features such as header slideshow and a slide-out cart for customers to easily browse, order, and check-out your product. It also features a homepage video to add flair to the graphics experience of your online store.


by Azexo (free for Starter Plan, $19 per month for Premium Plan)
Suitable for multi-purpose stores

Example store: Kristix Demo (Pingdom page load speed: 0.643 seconds – FAST)

No matter what niche you are in, this beautiful theme by Azexo will take your online store to new heights. Kristix features a parallax background, an easy-to-use page builder, and over 100+ elements that you can add to make your pages even more eye-catching. However, you can only access all these and unlimited support if you sign up for the Premium Plan.

Single product Shopify themes (paid)


by PortoTHEME ($39)
Suitable for fashion stores

Example store: Yanka Demo (Pingdom page load speed: 1.53 seconds)

With 18 beautiful homepage layouts and excellent customer support for less than $50, there’s no reason for you not to get this stylish theme. It even has twenty-five pages and nine product pages with multiple headers and footer combinations to choose from, as well as a mega menu, product notifications, and a wishlist and the compare function.

Ex Watch

by MassTechnologist ($45)
Suitable for watches stores

Example store: Ex Watch Demo (Pingdom page load speed: 1.78 seconds)

This simple MassTechnologist theme may have a one-page template, but it comes with a pack of powerful features that can make your online store even more eye-catching. It has an 1170-pixel Bootstrap grid, as well as a selection of free Google web and icon fonts. Ex Watch is also well-documented and easy-to-customize.


by Fuznet ($49)
Suitable for organic & handmade products, cosmetics, drinks, watches, electronics or e-books stores

Example store: Enercos Demo (Pingdom page load speed: 1.03 seconds)

Enercos is an easy-to-customize responsive theme that features a drag & drop page builder and product filtering system for a more seamless navigation and browsing experience. It even features pop-up notifications that warn you about fake sales, as well as an Instagram feed and customer reviews that help highlight what you offer on the table.


by catalinmoraru ($56)
Suitable for multi-purpose stores

Example store: Moist Demo (Pingdom page load speed: 1.53 seconds)

No matter what niche your online store may have, catalinmoraru’s Moist theme will make any product of yours shines with its product-centered features such as image zoom, color swatches, and filtering system. It also has a multi-column menu and is optimized for mobile devices, making it easier for visitors to find what they want wherever they may be.

Ap Strollik

by Apollo Theme ($56)
Suitable for toys, kids, babies or multi-stores

Example store: Strollik Demo (Pingdom page load speed: 2.25 seconds)

Ap Strollik is a godsent Shopify theme that comes with a bunch of unique features despite its simple layout and light effects, including a 360° product view that makes for an engaging, interactive graphics view of your product. Other notable features include a drag & drop page builder, upsell and cross-selling, mega menu, and wishlist and compare.


by MassTechnologist ($56)
Suitable for drones, strollers, watches, scooters, cosmetics, accessories or fashion stores

Example store: Elomus Demo (Pingdom page load speed: 1.10 seconds)

MassTechnologist’s Elomus is known for its responsiveness and easy-to-use build, making it one of the best themes to use if you’re setting up an online store. It also comes with a drag & drop page builder and custom product category view for easier browsing. Other features include multiple header options, color swatches, mega menu, and smooth slider.

Lift Supply

by JUNO_THEMES ($56)
Suitable for fitness or sports stores

Example store: Chaos Soccer Gear (Pingdom page load speed: 1.38 seconds)

This beautiful theme from JUNO_THEMES is designed especially for those looking to get the most out of their visuals, thanks to its 360° product view. It has a drag & drop page builder, a mega menu for easy navigation and browsing, and an extremely customizable responsive design. Lift Supply is also SEO-optimized for Google ranking.


by MassTechnologist ($56)
Suitable for fashion, phones or watches stores

Here’s another masterpiece from MassTechnologist: the Quark theme. This modern-style theme is best known not just for its powerful theme customizer, but also for its color gradient and Slider Revolution – both of which can help showcase your products more vividly. It also has a mega menu and built-in support for SEO plugins.


by ApusTheme ($59)
Suitable for drones and other electronic toys stores

This specially designed responsive theme from ApusTheme will have your drones fly higher than usual with its range of experience-focused features. These include a multi-header layout, a mega menu, and Slider Revolution – all of which allow you to make the most out of your product’s browsing, details, and graphics.


by VinovaTheme ($59)
Suitable for cosmetics, supplements or tobacco stores

Example store: Lumina Demo (Pingdom page load speed: 3.11 seconds)

This theme has not only a responsive and professional UI/UX design but also several unique features that help illuminate your products—including a right-to-left (RTL) language support, pre-made homepages, and a powerful page manager.


by arenathemes ($59)
Suitable for electronics, gadgets or technology stores

Example store: Electro Demo (Pingdom page load speed: 2.13 seconds)

For those selling anything digital, arenathemes just got the theme for you. It features a right-to-left (RTL) layout for languages, lazyloading adaptation for images, variation swatches, and app integration for more tools. Electro also features multiple header designs, built-in live search, and pop-up notifications.


by Jthemes Studio ($59)
Suitable for multi-purpose stores

Example store: Basel Demo (Pingdom page load speed: 1.91 seconds)

Jthemes Studio’s Basel theme isn’t deemed the Best Shopify Theme in 2019 for nothing. This theme has minimalistic, yet powerful features such as the Lumise-Premier product designer tool and AJAX search. It also has a 360° product view and drag & drop page builder, a wishlist and one-click import demo, color swatches, and RTL support.


by The4 studio ($59)
Suitable for fashion, accessories or cosmetics stores

Example store: Elessi Demo (Pingdom page load speed: 1.35 seconds)

Stay on top of the trends with this stylish theme from The4 studio. It’s speed-optimized and has a lazyloading feature that lets you have a full graphics experience. It comes with a dynamic checkout and upsell/cross-sell feature for more comfort and convenience when shopping, as well as powerful features such as Ryviu integration and Ajax shop.


by PortoTHEME ($60)
Suitable for multi-purpose stores

Example store: Mountainwatch (Pingdom page load speed: 1.50 seconds)

PortoTHEME’s Wokiee theme features over 100 content blocks and over 60 homepage layouts, making it a force to reckon with in any niche along with its fast product configuration feature. It also has eight shop and product layout options for you to choose from, and its wishlist and compare function helps the visitors decide what products to buy.


by Troop Themes ($160)
Suitable for fashion, food or books stores

Example store: The Endery (Pingdom page load speed: 1.03 seconds)

Using this simple, yet elegant theme is a great way to make your online store phenomenal – thanks to its large image panels, homepage video support, and multiple slideshow feature that let you get the best out of your visuals. It is also designed for publishers and optimized for small catalogs, making the store more stylish and organized.


by Pixel Union ($180)
Suitable for home, travel, cosmetics, food or drink stores

Example store: Herbivore (Pingdom page load speed: 1.37 seconds)

If you’re just getting started, then this Startup theme from Shopify may be the best one for you. It is optimized for small catalogs with a modular-style homepage, helping you to showcase your product with more details and in a more organized manner. Other features include a multi-column menu, large image panels, and optimization for SEO and mobile.


by Pixel Union ($180)
Suitable for cosmetics, gadgets, flowers or shoes stores

Example store: Snooz (Pingdom page load speed: 0.813 seconds – FAST)

Shopify’s Launch theme will help you launch your online store with a bang with its crowdfunding goal-tracking tool and customizable color gradient features. It also supports homepage videos that let you upload and use a video from YouTube and Vimeo. It is optimized for small catalogs, providing a lively and more detailed browsing experience.

Parallax (Madrid Style)

by Out of the Sandbox ($180)
Suitable for fashion, journaling, travel or tea stores

Example store: Yoga Rebel (Pingdom page load speed: 1.29 seconds)

Aside from its animated effect when scrolling down a page, hence the name Parallax, this Out of the Sandbox theme features a multi-level dropdown menu and filtering system for easy navigation, Disqus blog comments and Instagram feed for more engagement, full-width homepage video and product image zoom for a complete graphics experience.

Artisan (Barcelona Style)

by Out of the Sandbox ($180)
Suitable for printing, mentoring, home or bags stores

Example store: Kids Print Shop (Pingdom page load speed: 3.26 seconds)

Out of the Sandbox’s Artisan theme features customizable forms and product tables for you to showcase everything you offer in a more personalized manner, as well as an Instagram feed and customer testimonials to show everyone what they can expect from your store through the experiences of those who already have taken your offers.


by Out of the Sandbox ($450)
Suitable for multi-purpose stores

Example store: Flex Demo (Pingdom page load speed: 1.52 seconds)

With 12 styles and multiple layouts to choose from, you can genuinely flex your products with the Flex theme from Out of the Sandbox. Other notable features of this theme include advanced CSS and icons/elements, which allows you to try out every bit of creativity in you when mix-and-matching functions to make your online store a hit.

Verdict: the best Shopify single product theme

One of the common questions we often get is “which theme is the best for my store?”

There is no easy answer to the question because you must evaluate the theme according to your own needs. Our favorite theme is not necessarily the best for yours.

Our very opinionated choice of what we think is the best is Kristix. We chose Kristix because the monthly subscription model fits our operation the best.

We occasionally spin off a new store with a proven winner from our main stores. Each of these winners lasts about 2-3 months on average, so getting an $80 premium theme, for example, is more expensive than a 3-month subscription on Kristix.

Kristix also happens to be quite a fast theme, in our experience and as measured with an SEO page speed tool. Moreover, it provides just enough the features we need for the different products we promote.

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